Advan G9 Review, Cheap Gaming Smartphone

Advan G9 Review, Cheap Gaming Smartphone

Advan G9 Review, Cheap Gaming Smartphone – ADVAN back hit the market HP gaming murah through a new variant that is ADVAN G9. Different from its predecessor, this smartphone brings a slick performance and also the big battery that makes the experience of playing a game more exciting.

Who doesn’t like to play the game? One of the activities for you to take a break this often becomes the choice of the first in the pandemic. However, to play the game from a mobile phone can also be uncomfortable if the device is used does not have a slick performance.

The performance of such a RAM and its supporters to be the most important factor while playing mobile game. Following then the screen width and also long battery life. Well, ADVAN G9 claimed to be able to answer the needs of gamers is.

Excess ADVAN G9

“ADVAN G9 is the successor to the Advan G5 who won the title of best gaming phone some time ago. Advan perform a variety of improvements to the features possessed Advan G5.

As a result, with the refinement Advan G5 in this phone, the user can feel a significant difference in the mobile gaming our latest,” said CEO Advan Chandra Tansri in a written statement.

Performance ADvan G9

If viewed in terms of performance, the smartphone is implanted processor OctaCore A55 1.6 GHz+1.2 GHz with support RAM 4GB + ROM 32GB. The internal memory is also still to be added external memory up to a capacity of 128GB, which makes storage more relieved.

Not only that, playing games in the smartphone is also increasingly preoccupied with the screen relieved of 6.6 inch HD Fullscreen. The eyes will look more airy with a screen width is and also comfortable due to the HD resolution that is emitted from the screen ADVAN G9.

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Battery ADvan G9

Further, users don’t need to be afraid of for the issue of battery life, because ADVAN G9 bring the batteries monsters of 5.200 mAh Power Max, which will give you the experience of playing the game, watch a movie, or surf on social media is more durable.

“Users can also record the moments unforgettable with the best quality thanks to 4 Cameras it has, a large screen and long battery life,

“In terms of price, HP Advan terbaru remain affordable as our commitment to provide the best for consumers,” said Chandra.

Other Features

G9 is also equipped with a speaker capable with technology class K Power Amplifier that has high performance with a single speaker 1511.

With the presence of the speaker, the ADVAN G9 can issue a booming sound and unmatched. For the device , YOU install the case design of the hollow that is able to reduce heat engine is better.

A matter of security, he also supported some of the latest features that the Face ID Security. With this feature, users can easily unlock the phone instantly with a sophisticated way.