Iphone XR Review In 2021, Still Very Feasible

iPhone XR 2021 Review

Iphone XR Review In 2021, Still Very Feasible – A concept: you want to enter the Apple ecosystem and look for a smartphone, it’s not expensive, but you can give a good experience. Or just moving from Android, wants to change the operating system, but with hardware that is not much different. The iPhone XR can be the best solution in 2021.

This smartphone is actually present since 2018, present as the first “cheap” iPhone that carries a full screen design (even if compared to the current generation smartphone, where is it “full”?). It looks colorful, big screen, and supports the latest series of other series such as memoji through a faceid camera, for example.

I myself is an iPhone XR user since mid 2020 to 2021. Although always using it with the latest Android series even flagship, not infrequently I prefer to use this cheap iPhone this one to access applications and others. Is it still worth buying? Here’s the full review.

Iphone XR in 2021 Review

Again, it cannot be seen just from the specifications on paper. The iphone xr rear camera sensor is only one, but I still often use it for snap photos of everyday, compared to the Android camera that I am holding both classmates and more new and expensive series.

The sensor is ‘only’ 12MP f / 1.8. Without a secondary sensor, portrait photos can only be taken specifically for human objects, and the results are quite good. In my opinion, the Smart HDR feature on this smartphone can still be considered equivalent to today’s flagship. Able to balance photo exposures in many conditions.

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Because of the features of the HDR and a typical Apple color tone, I use the iPhone XR camera more often to photograph human objects, because skin tone or the color of the skin is neutral and accurate.

Including photos in the outdoor scenario. What is lacking, of course in the lack of light, because it is not equipped with night mode. Can be a little tricky by buying third-party applications, such as neuralcam.

The front camera is also very natural and can provide the most fitting skin color, with quite high detail additional effects. Utilizing sensors from faceid, portrait effects also look very natural, with special additional effects. The point of view is not wide, indeed, but it’s still very right for my own photo.

Iphone XR Features

Launched with iOS 12, of course the iPhone XR still supports the latest iOS series even in the next few years. The feature section is also one of the determining factors why I chose this smartphone, rather than the iPhone SE (2020), for example. One of them is a FACEID sensor.

The sensor gives a lot of abilities. In addition to unlocking the screen (which is actually rather futile when using a mask and do not use Apple Watch), the sensor in FaceID can produce more subtle portrait effects, plus features such as memoji. Automatic, iPhone SE (2020) cannot make expressive memoji.

And the larger screen size is also more suitable to put widgets or utilize the Picture-in-Picture feature. But this might also question personal taste, huh. NFC sensors can certainly be used for top-up e-money cards. Even stereo speaker setup, I think it’s very high quality.

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In my opinion, the iPhone XR fits into ‘lower limit’ for those of you who want to try to plunge into the Apple ecosystem, trying out the smartphone but don’t want to get too much budget. Physical design, screen and experience of use are the same as the latest series, so it doesn’t feel lagging even though the release has been a few years before.

So if the question arises between the iPhone XR and the iPhone SE (2020), consideration can be reduced into three main counseling points; Is it okay with a more wasteful battery life? Small screen without FACEID support? And old school design with thick bezel? If okay, just go ahead. Prices are cheaper, and the processor is even a newer level.

My consideration, from the previous use of the iPhone 7, is a battery factor. It’s a bit lazy if you have to fill in power (because the iPhone that I use is quite often for video recording and social media access). And a little pessimistic because the iPhone SE use the old school screen ratio, sementa …