Oppo A37 Review, Cheap Smartphone with a Fairly Good Camera

Oppo A37 Review, Cheap Smartphone with a Fairly Good Camera

Oppo A37 Review, Cheap Smartphone with a Fairly Good Camera – Oppo A37 is a smarphone that fights in the lower middle class. This device was first released in mid-2016, more precisely in June. Departing by bringing persona as a selfie expert smartphone, of course Oppo A37 also has the advantage of the side of the camera. Oppo A37 carries a 8 MP sensor camera on the back and 5 MP on the front.

The screen size is not so large with 5 inches that are enlarged with a 2.5D Arc Edge Screen design In other words, flash is obtained from the screen. Unique, right?

For more details, let’s look at how the charm of this smartphone is good from the specifications, prices, and features that are seeded. Curious? Listen reviews below.

Review of Oppo A37

Although when launched in the homeland the price of Oppo A37 is quite high, but now this device has experienced a decline in prices. The factor is of course age, considering that Oppo A37 has been introduced throughout the world and Indonesia in 2016. Thanks to the birth of a series of smart phones after that, the price of this device clearly decreases.

Until now, in several homeland online stores, the price of Oppo A37 ranges from Rp. 799 thousand to Rp. 1 million. Of course this also depends on where you bought it. Tokopedia became an e-commerce with the cheapest seller in offering OPPO A37 at a price of Rp. 799 thousand.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Oppo A37

Advantages of Oppo A37

One of the advantages of Oppo A37 is from the side of the camera. By placing Beautify 4.0 will make your photos look natural and interesting. If you want to take pictures in a minimum place of light, you can use a flash screen that can support brighter photos. Walking in Coloros 3.0 Based on Android 5.1 is a smart user interface so it is safe to use. Equipped with a battery with a capacity of 2630 mAh it is considered quite durable for high use.

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Disadvantages of Oppo A37

Does not have a security system in the form of fingerprint sensors. Even though it has 64 GB ROM and can be upgraded to 128 GB, but still the RAM offered is still fairly narrow. RAM with a capacity of 2 GB is still lacking to support high use. To play 3D games it feels very lacking.

When Oppo A37 was released, there was actually the latest Android OS, namely Marsmallow. But this OPPO still uses OS Lollipop, a longer Android operating system. So the OS on Oppo A37 is one of the shortcomings you might want to consider.

Final review of Oppo A37

Oppo A37 is not an upscale smartphone. For that you are prohibited from expecting a super fast performance on this device. But if you want a smartphone with a camera above the standard, you can enter Oppo A37 as an option. Some interesting features have been embedded on this smart phone, both on the front camera and in the rear camera.

However, if you want a smartphone that has high performance with topnotch processor, wait a minute. Even for games with 3D graphics it feels like this smartphone is less suitable for use.