Oppo Reno5 F Review, Possiping Performance & Complete Camera Features

Oppo Reno5 F Review, Possiping Performance & Complete Camera Features

Oppo Reno5 F Review, Possiping Performance & Complete Camera Features – When talking about the smartphone releasing the manufacturer from China this one, it doesn’t seem like there is no price segment to be missed. Still in the price range of 300$, OPPO presents Oppo Reno5 F who brings the advantages of camera features from the two similar series, for more affordable prices.

Present since last year, the F series did have its own charm. Especially for consumers who want a stylish smartphone design, have a nice camera with cool camera features, but at a more affordable price. Because indeed, the mid-range segment price of 300$ is very much interested.

So it is important for smartphone manufacturers, including Oppo to present more choices in that range. And through Oppo Reno5 F, the increase that was brought quite a lot, made him have an interesting overall packaging. Here is a full review of me after a few days of use.

Design of Oppo Reno 5F

From year to year, indeed the F series comes with a different design. This year, Oppo Reno5 F also has its own appearance of its own appearance. The four rear camera sensors are placed in a square module, with the AI ​​symbol and the amount of the camera resolution accented silver below it. Plus flash lengthwise, as if such a digital pocket camera.

The length of the length and width is exactly the same as the previous series, it’s just a little thicker and heavy, each 7.8mm and 172 grams respectively. Still relatively very thin and light (although Reno4 F is indeed as thin as it).

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The reason this smartphone is made thicker, because the battery capacity and its cooling system are improved. I support the decision, but still less than 8mm. It’s just that, the finishing this time doesn’t use the matte surface. More sleek, but also easier to improve fingerprints.

And even though it only has one front camera, the camera can still be used to present the Answer water feature. It’s really useful if the smartphone is put on the table and hands are dirty or wet. Just make a movement to swing up or down to lift the phone, and the sound of the call automatically comes out of the loudspeaker.

Oppo Reno5 F is certainly also equipped with a game space application that can increase smartphone performance. When the gaming mode in it is activated, Touch Sampling Rate or the level of the screen response will increase to 180Hz. It would be fun when balanced with the stereo speaker setup.

Oh yes, for the connectivity section, this series is not equipped with an NFC sensor.

Oppo Reno5 F Performance

For this section, it is also still the same as the previous generation. Using the MediaTek Helio P95 chipset with 12nm fabrication, the CPU is still fast enough for intensive daily use. Also pared with 8GB of RAM and wide internal storage in 128GB.

The smartphone body temperature will also be maintained thanks to the layered cooling system in it, a hardware-based alias. While the software also smartly allocates the chipset performance to the required application, coupled with the help of AI and NPU or Neural Processing Units.

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So it’s natural that this smartphone is also considered a gaming smartphone. Not that can be used to play with the right graphic settings, but the use of casual is still very sufficient. Not bad, especially in a thin compact design.


This smartphone is able to provide interesting and quality features that certainly make users more comfortable using it everyday. Good camera, maintained performance, the latest coloros display that is also convenient, with a design that is no less interesting than other smartphones. Oppo Reno5 F presents a number of improvements, even though the price is still the same.

And maybe some of Gizmo Friends feel the difference in the price makes it less attractive, or in other words, “Mending Oppo Reno5 all”. In my opinion both are different. If it does not require an NFC sensor and is quite satisfied with the quality of the camera, Reno5 F can provide features equivalent to the more economical price.