Samsung Galaxy F12 Review, 5 Pieces Camera Lens on the Body

Samsung Galaxy F12 Review, 5 Pieces Camera Lens on the Body

Samsung Galaxy F12 Review, 5 Pieces Camera Lens on the Body – Samsung Galaxy F12 is one of the 2 products released Samsung in the market of India in the second quarter of 2021. Basically, Samsung Galaxy F12 is rebranding the product of the previous Samsung products, yatu Samsung Galaxy M12 released in February 2021 before.

One of the features seeded from Samsung Galaxy F12 is the existence of the battery that has a capacity of very large, that is 6000 mAh. In addition, the chipset that contained in it is Samsung Exynos 850 that is sufficiently reliable to be used for a variety of activities. For the features of the camera, the smartphone this one has a total of 5 pieces camera lens embedded in his body where it has a resolution of 48MP.

Samsung Galaxy F12 Review

Samsung Galaxy F12 is the latest product from Samsung that not a lot of rumors hit because it is out of production until its existence, very rarely known by the public. When it ahead of its release, some of the rumors then sticking out quickly in a variety of media. Smartphone middle class this one seems specially created for the market of India just because ‘his brother’ Samsung Galaxy M12 is a version of the global.

To date, the Galaxy F12 not widely available because it’s new day on Monday (19/04) was officially launched to the market of India. For the price itself is divided into 2 types based on the amount of RAM and ROM in it. For that it has a RAM of 4GB and ROM 64GB for sale with a price of ₹9649 or around Rp1,87 millions. While equipped with 4GB RAM and ROM 128GB marketed at a price of ₹10649.

The Features Of The Flagship Samsung Galaxy F12

  1. There are a Total of 5 Pieces Camera Lens on the Body

The main camera located on the back of Samsung Galaxy F12 using sensor Samsung GM2 and produce a resolution of 48MP. The camera is very good when used in the daytime or in the bright outdoors. The result is a very detail and clear. When worn at night, the result was not disappointing, especially when the presence of lighting. Yes, indeed there will still be noise and dark corners like vignette, but still can be tolerated.

For the lens of both of them have a resolution of 5MP that serves as a wide-angle lens with an angle of the furthest reaching 123 degrees. The correction of the distortion is also served optimally so that the image outlying not interested move away from the center point of the main. As for the 2 lenses of the rest have the same resolution, 2MP, with each having its own function. One serves as a macro lens and another one for the depth sensor.

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Switch to the side of the front, there is a camera lens with a resolution of 8MP. The lens of his camera is in addition to can be used for media selfie also serves as the lens is ultra-wide. In addition, there are a lot of interesting effects that can be applied in the picture. In addition, the results of the selfie by using a lens, the front camera is also very smooth and bokehnya was not excessive blurrynya.

When used to record a video, You will get the results of classmates HD with 30fps. Features OIS or optical image stabilization in it to function as a controller gestures that makes video remains stable. So it can be said that the camera features on Samsung Galaxy F12 is pretty good for the size of the smartphone of the middle class.

  1. Screen Design with Infinity-V crystal Clear and Smooth to Use

Samsung Galaxy F12 comes with screen IPS PLS HD+ with a size of 6.5 inches. The design used in the display is the Infinity-V or in a language generally is with the design of the bezel-less design with a waterdrop notch at the top. The ratio of screen-to-body screen is of of 81.9%, which is quite big and comfortable when used for watching movies.

While the resolution of the screen itself is 720 x 1600 pixels with a level densitynya of 270 ppi. One interesting thing is the screen of the Samsung Galaxy F12’s have a refresh rate of 90Hz which is relatively high for the size of the smartphone mid-range class. With the refresh rate of the larger it is, then when used to play the game, then the user will not experience the lag issue that’s annoying.

What’s more, the screen is very sharp, clear and bright does not need a lot of battery power to operate. That is because there are specific settings in the chipset that is located in it.

  1. The battery Capacity of 6000 mAh

Samsung Galaxy F12 equipped with a battery type non-removable with the capacity of 6000 mAh. With large capacity battery, then charge to full, this smartphone can be used in a full day without having to recharge again.

In testing, when the battery is in the position of 100%, a smartphone is able to survive up to 2 days for standard use. While charging, the smartphone this one of support with the technology of fast charging 15W. To charge from 0 to 100 percent, it takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes.

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Although the battery capacity is large, but the Galaxy F12 remain classified as the smartphone is quite efficient because the chipset Exynos 850 can set all the division of power needed each system and the application in it.

  1. Side of the Internal Highly Reliable to Cope with Various Activities until the Battery Problem

Moving on to the internal, Samsung Galaxy F12 comes with the chipset of the Samsung Galaxy F12 which can make the battery last longer. In everyday use, in this be able to support all the activities smoothly. In the test using GeekBench 5, the score obtained is 171 to test single-core and 1,400 to test multi-core.

Because it is not classified as a gaming smartphone, then don’t expect is to be able to play these games classmates Call of Duty or Asphalt. But still only one smartphone can be used to play games which do not have the graphics too high.

Operating system which is Android 11 with the user interface Samsung One UI Core 3.1. There are several settings that facilitate the users in the move, as the Game Launcher, Dual Theme, Dual Messenger and some other.

The RAM in it is at 4GB, while for the ROMS there are 2 capacity options, namely 64GB and 128GB. To the capacity of the internal storagenya can still be coupled with the use of microSD up to 1TB.

The Final Review Of The Samsung Galaxy F12

Samsung Galaxy F12 is a smartphone mid-range that offers a screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz and has a relatively large size, that is 6.5 inches. To use an standard, this smartphone is perfect, but that does not mean You can wear it to play the game with the graphics detail and high.

That’s because the Samsung Galaxy F12 is not a gaming smartphone. Opto contained in it is Samsung Exynos 850 with the fabrication of 8nm. On the front and back there is a camera lens like on most smartphones in general. Unfortunately, not a lot of excess or changes that are owned Samsung Galaxy F12 is because the smartphone is a rebranding of the Samsung Galaxy M12. For the cost, Samsung Galaxy F12 for sale with a price of around Rp1,8 millions and Rp2 millions of which are distinguished from the amount of ROM in it.