Samsung Galaxy M20 Review, Screen Width Using Technology Infinity-V

Samsung Galaxy M20 Review, Screen Width Using Technology Infinity-V

Samsung Galaxy M20 Review, Screen Width Using Technology Infinity-V – Samsung Galaxy M20 is the middle class the best that You can make a choice. Samsung products this one comes with a wide range of features and specifications that are advanced. Samsung Galaxy M20 is the second type of series “Galaxy M” or can be regarded as the successor of Samsung Galaxy M10. However, the quality of the Samsung series is certainly not inferior to the Samsung Galaxy series and others.

Performance supported with battery capacity that can facilitate diverse Your activity. This Smartphone is very suitable to answer Your various needs for a smartphone of the middle class.

The Features Of The Flagship Samsung Galaxy M20

The following are the features of the flagship samsung galaxy m20 :

The screen Width with the Technology of Infinity-V

Samsung Galaxy M20 is equipped with a screen size that is wide enough, like the latest smartphones Samsung other. The Smartphone is equipped with a screen size of 6.3 inches. Not only has a wide screen, the screen of the smartphone is also equipped with the display infinity-V. That view certainly can provide a visual experience more enjoyable for You. Where the screen will be indulging Your eyes on while playing games, watching movies, or just surfing in the virtual world.

Ultra Wide Camera

Samsung M20 also has a quality camera that does not need to be questioned again. On the rear camera, You’ll find two lens camera is different with a resolution of 13 MP and also 5 MP. The combination of the two lens camera that certainly makes this smartphone can produce image quality that is good. In fact, the presence of the lens ultrawide can also bring the image quality right vision of the human eye. For those of You who are so fond of landscape photos, the quality of this camera can be Your choice. The presence of the HDR feature can also make the quality of Your images into more detail and also crystal clear.

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The Battery Is Greater Accompany You Throughout The Day

Battery capacity of Samsung Galaxy M20 enough to attract attention. Because, Samsung for the first time comes with a battery capacity of 5000 mAh. The battery capacity is very large that can make You use the smartphone greetings fairly long period of time. Where now You do not need to worry when using smartphone outdoors. With the battery capacity, You can make phone calls for 29 hours, you know. Not only that, this battery can also survive in the use of the 17 hour time used are watching a video. In normal use, this smartphone can last more than one day.

Final Review Samsung Galaxy M20

The presence of the Samsung Galaxy M20 is certainly welcomed by the hunters smartphone of the middle class. Because, a smartphone with a variety of advanced features You can get with an affordable price, which is about Usd 2 millions. The price is certainly quite cheap for a smartphone with a battery capacity of 5000 mAh. Features fast charging can also make You make charging process fast.

The processor and also the capacity of the RAM in this smartphone can also be help You to do multitasking. To play the game online with the Samsung Galaxy M20 can also make Your game become more fun. Although not equipped with the NFC feature, your smartphone is very worth accompany a wide variety of activities.