Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 Review, Smartphone Compact Hardiness

Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 Review, Smartphone Compact Hardiness

Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 Review, Smartphone Compact Hardiness – Released flagship best in 2021? Already. Update the ranks of the smartphone class entry to the medium? Already anyway. However, Samsung still wants to bring the update to the purposes of a more specific. Namely, with the release of the passing of a smartphone tangguh nan compact, Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5.

Yes, Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5 is a smartphone “disaster-resistant” manufacturers of electronic origin South Korea. Not designed with the highest specifications such as disposable Snapdragon 888 or have setup four cameras, but comes with essential features. Especially for those who need a device reliable on the use of the room, in uncertain weather conditions.

“At Samsung, we are rapidly investing in technology to provide efficiency and durability for the business field and focused on the plant because they are becoming increasingly mobile,” said Mark Notton, Senior Director of Mobile Product Portfolio, Samsung Electronics regional Europe.

Review Of The Samsung Galaxy XCover 5

Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 can be said to be a smartphone outdoor with the body of the strongest first released Samsung in the year 2021. It is said so because it is up to the month of March 2021, Samsung has never released any smartphone that is created to be used outdoors with the high physical strength.

Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 does not have a design or specifications that are good like the most advanced smartphones in general, only a mobile device this one was created as a media aide when being in nature. Features-the features it has can also be said to be very standard and impressed indeed Samsung only complement the product mobile with all the important moments in the wild alone, such as GPS, the camera up with a body that is strong.

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Advantages and Disadvantages Samsung Galaxy XCover 5


The main advantages possessed Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 is of course located on the strength of the body. Said to be strong because it is a smartphone this one has already bagged 2 certificate physical endurance, that is IP68 and MIL-STD810H.

Another plus is the screen is also strong because it has been protected by a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 6. The excess henceforth is located on in a reliable and quick. Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 is equipped chipset Exynos 850 (8nm). One more thing that is interesting and can be called as the excess is this smartphone is equipped with NFC feature.


Talking the problem of shortage, Samsung Galaxy XCover 5 is also has it. The first drawback is located in its design that feels less updates with the latest models. So, even though XCover 5 is a new product, but at a glance it will look like the old products. Other shortcomings is situated on the type of screen used is still TFT. Not only that, 2 the lens of his camera are also included in the list of deficiencies that have XCover 5.

Next is on the capacity of the battery is relatively low, whereas when You use it in the outdoors away from the place of refueling, it will be very troublesome if the battery of this smartphone runs out in the middle of usage. Other shortcomings are the specifications is quite minimal, the price XCover 5 is still relatively high.

Final Review Of The Samsung Galaxy XCover 5

Even other news mentioned that the price of the XCover 5 is a trimmed down almost half from a Pro. XCover 5 this use of chipset Samsung Exynos 850 with RAM 4GB and ROM 64GB. The screen size of 5.3 and a smartphone is already pocketed the certification of IP68 and MIL-STD810H or certification to the standard tools of the military. Rumor has it, the country was chosen as the first market of the XCover 5 is English.

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After the success of Samsung Galaxy Xcover Pro released in early 2020, entering her first quarter in the year 2021, Samsung re-introduce the product of the smartphone elite who were given the name Samsung Galaxy XCover 5. Only if compared with the Xcover Pro, XCover 5 can be regarded as a product of downgradenya. There are a lot of things including the features and specifications which are mounted at a low level compared to the Pro version.