Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus Review, Quality of the Japanese Less Promising

Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus Review, Quality of the Japanese Less Promising

Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus Review – Of all the advantages that could Gizmo friends select in a smartphone, ranging from a nice camera, OLED display, long lasting battery up to design thin, never didn’t think to find a smartphone that had a “Japanese quality”? The same, I don’t. But if there is, can the lyrics of Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus.

Nope, I’m not kidding, on the product page its own official website, Sharp Indonesia really write “Japan Quality” as the main advantages Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus. In the era where all the electronics are assembled or produced from various countries, with quality, which is okay, maybe status is less relevant.

Except for a generation of senior, indeed to my knowledge if you select the electronic like a TV tube vintage prefer the release of the Japanese brand. Whatever it is, I appreciate the presence of Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus, in price and specifications on paper, is quite promising. Whether the absolute will have a positive value? Of course not.

And really, there bebererapa thing that makes me a bit difficult to recommend smartphone price Rp4 millions of this one. Indeed, present new official in Indonesia, but in the country of origin is already long. So that cannot be the reason for its less ok. Like what lack? Following a full review about the Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus.

The design of the Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus

Because I tend to love the design of the smartphone more fiddling, of course, the appearance of the Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus looks good in my eyes, though it is possible for some people to look stiff ya. Corners sharp, the design of the rear camera was unique—in the middle and the box, complete with a fingerprint sensor underneath.

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Not too thick 8.8 mm, and the weight reaches 196 grams. Color variants are available only Deep Fog Black, but the true this smartphone will show two colors with a transition in the middle, like the Samsung Galaxy M30 earlier. Good body and frame are made from plastic, quite dirty easily but does not feel cheap thanks to the weight of it.


Although the capacity is not too large, the battery 4,120 mAh belongs Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus arguably strong enough for intensive use in one day of use. If not intense, can hold up to almost two days with a screen-on time reaches 4 hours.

Charging power which needs a long time. With support for USB Power Delivery, 30 minutes of charging increase the power of 33%. Further reach 63% in the first hour, 96% in the second hour and full in less than 2.5 hours.


In the beginning I mentioned that the specifications, this smartphone looks promising. But in fact, after approximately one week of use, Sharp still seems to be in trouble for playing in the classroom that is more affordable. Probably the maximum quality of a smartphone is Japan’s Sharp only proven in that cost tens of millions?

Certainly, for all that is offered, Sharp AQUOS Sense 4 Plus still not able to compete with competitors that already exist in the market today. Unless you’re looking for a smartphone with a certification IP68, or brand anti-mainstream with “Japanese quality”, then please just buy this one.