Vivo V17 Neo Review, Mid-Range Smartphone Valuable in 2021

Vivo V17 Neo Review, Mid-Range Smartphone Valuable in 2021 – There are already many smartphone products released by Vivo into the market, one example is the Vivo V17 Neo. For those of who have the Vivo Y7S or Vivo S1 would be confused, why is Vivo V17 Neo has similarities in terms of form, the quality of the screen until the engine and the features in it. The answer is Vivo V17 Neo is another name of Vivo Y7S or Vivo S1, only different market only.

If Vivo S1 was released for the Indonesian market and surrounding areas and Vivo Y7S for China market, while the Vivo V17 Neo is a smartphone for the Russian market. Therefore 98 percent have similarities in all fields. Said to be 98 percent because there are a few things owned by Vivo V17 Neo but not in Vivo S1 or Vivo Y7S.

One of the features that are not owned 2 of his twin brother’s is the presence of NFC on the self V17 Neo and also the difference of rich colours.

Vivo V17 Neo Review

As already mentioned in the opening paragraph, Vivo V17 Neo is a smartphone twin Vivo V7S or Vivo S1 for the Russian market and surrounding areas. But after it was released in August 2019, Vivo V17 Neo is then expanded its marketing area up to some other countries, one of which is to the Indonesian market.

In the market of the homeland itself, You can already see her in a variety of outlets, smartphone, online store or also in some e-commerce.

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For those who are interested to buy mobile devices this one, the price is quite diverse from one store to the other, but as the average, the smartphone comes with a price.

Large screen and high quality

As well as 2 brothers, Vivo V17 Neo also comes with a display type Super AMOLED (Full HD +) sized to 6.38 inches which has a ratio of screen-to-body reach 90 percent.

This is due to the Vivo using technology Halo FullView which can make the screen to be symmetrical and is also able to display the color with extremely nice.

Front camera 32MP

On the front, precisely on the screen next to the top there is a notch which serves as a place to put the lens of the camera which has a resolution of 32MP. With Ultra HD resolution it has, then when used to berswafoto, the result will be very nice, high quality, and sharp. In addition to who like to do selfie, there are several special modes, such as AI Selfie Lighting, AI Face Beauty, AI Filters, AR Stickers and many more in it.

3-Lens rear camera

In the back of the Vivo V17 Neo, there are 3 camera lenses that already support with the technology of artificial intelligence (AI) in it. One of the reasons why there are AI technologies to support the features of the rear camera is for smartphone users it will be more helpful kala activity of photography.

Main lens owned by Vivo V17 Neo has a resolution of 16MP which the sensor uses Sony IMX499 matrix. With sensor Sony, then the results obtained photo is very sharp, detail and quality. The lens both of which serve as a lens ultrawide angle able to capture the place with a width of up to 120 degrees.

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In general, the Vivo V17 Neo is a smartphone mid-range which comes with a variety of great features in it. The screen is sharp and able to show all the things into one special value for this smartphone. Not only that, the features of the camera is also very good to help the hobby of photography to its users. The first lens, the front camera that has a large resolution is also very useful for anyone who likes to do swafoto.

To the problem of performance, the Vivo V17 Neo is equipped with a kitchen runway powerful too quickly. So You will not experience any difficulties or time lags when to wear them for a variety of things, especially while playing the game. So, this smartphone is very worthy to be owned.