Vivo Y51A Review, Advantages and Disadvantages Vivo Y51a

Vivo Y51A Review, Advantages and Disadvantages Vivo Y51a

Vivo Y51A Review, Advantages and Disadvantages Vivo Y51a – Vivo Y51A is an opening smartphone in early 2021 which was released by Vivo. It was said so because there were no rumors even about this one product and suddenly Vivo released it on the market.

Of course by hearing his name and seeing the design formation, then reminiscent of Vivo products released at the end of 2020 with almost the same name, Vivo Y51. With the release of this product, there are a total of 4 smartphones from Vivo who have the name Y51, namely Vivo Y51 (2015), Vivo Y51 (September 2020), Vivo Y51 (December 2020) and Vivo Y51A. Of the 4 products with the name Y51, only Vivo Y51 output in 2020 with this Vivo Y51A alone has similarities above 90 percent.

The difference only lies in the chipset only. For now, Vivo Y51A is only sold limited in the Indian market.

Price of Vivo Y51a

As described above, Vivo Y51A is a smartphone product that is likely to be made and released for the Indian market.

This is because there are no similar products found on various other Vivo official websites. This Vivo Y51a can also be said as an opening mobile product from Vivo for 2021 before there will be many other smartphone ranks that will be released throughout the year. For the price itself, this Vivo Y51A has official Bandrol INR 21.990 or around Rp.4.24 million.

The price is the same price when Vivo released Vivo Y51 at the end of 2020 and has now been trimmed into only INR 17.990 or around Rp3.47 million.

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Advantages and disadvantages of Vivo Y51a


The advantages possessed by Vivo Y51a are located in the battery with large capacity. The battery it has a capacity of 5000 mAh which when filled with 100 percent can be used all day long without fear suddenly run out in the middle of use. The second advantage is located in the camera that has a large resolution, 48MP. Coupled with a few night modes that are caught in it, then users can record or take photos in a minimal atmosphere of light with maximum results. The next advantage is located in the design that is good and has a thickness of only 8 mm.


Of course other than advantages, Vivo Y51A also has flaws. First is located on the chipset that has experienced a downgrade compared to the previous model. The next drawback is to the type of screen that still uses IPS LCD. The third deficiency of course is that the price is relatively expensive for the size of a mid-range class smartphone with the specifications that can be said to the standard.

Vivo Y51A Final Review

Vivo Y51A is the latest smartphone from Vivo which was released at the beginning of 2021. This one smartphone was a twin of the VIVO Y51 previously released, but slightly experienced a downgrade on the side of the chipset. The screen still measures 6.58 inches with an IPS LCD type.

The chipset used is Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 with 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM which can still be added up to 1TB using microSD. The battery has a capacity of 5000 mAh that supports Fast Charging technology 18W. There are 4 camera lenses that are caught in the body with a 48MP main camera lens. This smartphone is sold on the Indian market at a price of IDR 4.2 million.

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